Reviews From Users

From a Joyful, Determined Woman

"In the condo-retirement home to my joy I found the Betty Switkes tape playing five days a week.  I never missed a playing.  After three months I notice that I had developed a range of motion in my neck that I hadnšt had for years.  In spite of my daily exercise and careful diet I had a heart attack and congestive heart failure.  It was several months before I could get back to my chair exercises.

I sent for my own tapeSand started back into the exercises slowly.  In less than a year I was doing the exercises again.  One day I realized I had my hands together behind my back.  I had done it naturally after my shoulders had been frozen for years.  I found my abdominal muscles were stronger and my urinary muscles were being strengthened.  DI also stand more nearly straight and no longer follow my chin when walking down the hall.

I send my thanks to Betty Switkes." Dora Scheidecker, Beaverton, OR. 78 years.

From an Educator

"Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed recommending your videos and how helpful they have been in our Diabetes Education program.  As a nurse educator, it is my job to try to improve lifestyle and to encourage activity do weight-bearing activities.  Showing them your video gives them an alternative that is both fun and within their ability to do.  I now can show your video and say, "See, anyone can do exercise."  I also plan on getting your Gentle Exercise video for my uncle for a Christmas present (he has diabetes and due to complications and he is unable to walk). Thank you for helping to make my job easier!" Phyllis Mahalo, Diabetes Educator, Kapi'olani Medical Center, Pali Momi, Hawaii

From a Canadian Retirement Residence

"We have been using this video tape for ten years - three times a week for the past six years (speaks well for your product.")  A.W. Murphy, Victoria, BC

From a Retirement Inn

We have used Armchair Fitness for over four years (six times a week). It is badly worn and in need of replacement.  We are elderly retirees, some in wheel chairs.  Thank you.  Mildred Arnold, Edmond, OK.

From a Long-time Exerciser

"About seven years ago I sent for Armchair Fitness.  I have memorized most of it so I now do the exercises daily.  According to my doctors, itšs the best thing I can do to try and keep physically fit.  I am 73."  Mrs. Madeline Quinlan, Monroe, Connecticut

From a Plucky Lady

"I canšt walk far.  Išve had two hip joint operations and one back operation.  Išve been a diabetic for 15 years.  Armchair Fitness is wonderful Kay Reskins, Oskaloosa, Kansas.

From the Media

"Lively, thoughtful and fun... a well designed program... to work out without wearing out." The Washington Post

"Suitable for viewers of all ages... for people at all levels of ability... easy-to-follow routines and enough variety to keep exercisers interested even during repeated viewings... and alternative to the plethora of highly energetic aerobic tapes on the market." The Library Journal

"The Armchair Fitness cassette does not intimidate or embarrass or tease anyone." Los Angeles Times

"Those of us who can't manage Jane Fonda's Workout or who cant' bear to see another aerobics video led by some slinky young thing can take heart... Armchair Fitness... is the exercise video for anyone who's unable or unwilling to take part in strenuous activities." USA Today

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